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Check out this amazing review from Matt Jones, founder, and host of Australia’s leading tradie podcast, The Site Shed

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“We were one of the first to join Tradiematepro and we absolutely love it, there is a great group of experts that are always quick to answer any questions you have. It’s transforming the way we’re running our business.”

Darren Hiscock

Director, Hiscock Electrical



“Since joining Tradiematepro, it’s freed mine and my husbands time up exponentially. Me and my husband clawed back 20 hours a week. I can now focus ON running the business instead of being IN the business.”

Tamara Bellinger

Co-Owner, Bellinger Electrical



“Big shout out to Tradiematepro and especially the experts – I have implemented the system they teach, and in three months I was able to grow my profit by 800%.”

Craig Robertson

Director, Bespoke Wooden Solutions


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Quickly Master and Manage your Tradie Business like a True Pro

If you want to get results in:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Cash flow
  • Financials
  • Your business system
  • Your business processes

Then this is the most important web page you’ll visit all year!

Here’s why…

Tradies are losing millions in inefficient labour, disorganized paperwork, long nights and wasted materials. Not to mention, the 80 hour work weeks are probably killing you. Maybe you feel like you can’t trust your staff to get the job done without you, causing you to miss important time with family that can never be recovered…

One of our clients, Darren Hiscock was experiencing something similar. Watch his story below.

Darren Hiscock

Hiscocks Electrical

From struggling tradie, to business owner. Learn how Darren went from stressed, frustrated, and struggling to make ends meet to a business owner with a bright future ahead.

What does Tradiematepro do?

Tradiematepro takes $200K Aussie tradie businesses through our world-class coaching program, and transforms them into $2 million businesses by teaching you the skills to lead your team, get control over your financials with our advanced technology platform, get you advice from our industry experts, and network and share knowledge with a community of like-minded peers.

Here’s how and why we can make you this promise…

Tradiematepro is quite unique in that each of our experts specializes in one specific field, eg marketing, finances, leadership, etc. Unlike a lot of online programs who are developed by one person who may be a jack of all trades, but master of none, Tradiematepro ensures that there is a master for everything.

We’ve found that most of our clients are seriously stretched to the brim for time. They’re desperate for a solution. They want to spend more time with family, less time at work and actually start enjoying their life.

Don’t let this be you any longer! Every moment that you wait increases frustration, sucks away precious time AND your hard earned money!

Here’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg of What you Get…

First 30 Days – Extreme Value Offer

Month One Valued at: $495

Start Today and Pay Only $1!

  • Live 30-day planning session
  • Access to the Tradiematepro financial, marketing and sales platform
  • Access to the New Recruit online guided exercises
  • Business tools and processes
  • Exclusive access to industry experts
  • Weekly support calls with our world-class coaches
  • Access to a like-minded community to network and share knowledge
  • Strategic plan at the end of your 30 days

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the value you’ve gotten at the end of the 30 days, just let us know and we’ll refund your $1 guaranteed!

So here’s the bottom line…

You get all of this for only $1 for your first 30 days. This is a price that you can’t beat…

  • You’re ready to go from a $200k trades business to a $2 million dollar trades business.
  • You’re ready to have the right processes in place so your team runs like clockwork with you being onsite 24/7!
  • You’re ready to optimise your time so you’re working ON your business, instead of working IN it…
  • You’re ready to create steady cash flow, save money and have the paperwork side of your business run silky smooth, like fine-tuned clockwork.
  • You’re ready to FINALLY have the right processes in place and your team on board so you can say goodbye to trust team issues and take a weekend off with your family.

What Some of our Current Clients are Saying About Tradiematepro

Tamara and Matt Bellinger

Bellinger Electrical

Since joining, Tamara and Matt have been able to live a good family life outside of their business. They no longer work 20 hour days and have saved an extra 20 hours per week on top of that.

Craig Robertson

Bespoke Wooden Solutions

Craig would be running from job to job, getting the work done, but in the end, he would have to go back and redo them. Constantly chasing his tail and lacking the growth for his business that he was after.

Since joining Tradiematepro, Craig has listened to our world-class coaches and started tracking every aspect of his business using our unique financial platform and as a result, he’s now increased his profits by 800%.