#4 | Darren Hiscock – How he was Able to 4X his Business in 7 Months

Tradiematepro Podcast

From struggling tradie to 4Xing his business in just 7 months

Darren Hiscock was one of our very first Tradiematepro clients, when he first started he was worried about his business going under, the financial security of his family, and he was working close to 70 hour weeks.

So how did he go from that to 4Xing his business and getting his life back? Hear all about his journey in this very special episode.

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Todays Guest

Darren Hiscock

What You’ll Learn

  • How Darren 4Xed his tradie business.
  • How he was able to transform his mindset.
  • What tools and resources he uses to run his business.


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