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“We were one of the first to join Tradiematepro and we absolutely love it, there is a great group of experts that are always quick to answer any questions you have. It’s transforming the way we’re running our business.”

Darren Hiscock

Director, Hiscock Electrical



“Since joining Tradiematepro, it’s freed mine and my husbands time up exponentially. Me and my husband clawed back 20 hours a week. I can now focus ON running the business instead of being IN the business.”

Tamara Bellinger

Co-Owner, Bellinger Electrical



“Big shout out to Tradiematepro and especially the experts – I have implemented the system they teach, and in three months I was able to grow my profit by 300%.”

Craig Robertson

Director, Bespoke Wooden Solutions



“I have found Tradiematepro to be vital to my business and learned more in 6 months of coaching than the last 2 years in business! The coaches readily share their knowledge and have provide me with insight into how to grow a business strategically without burning through needless cash.”

Kevin Balen

Director, Pica Electrical


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What is Tradiematepro?

Here at Tradiematepro, our goal is to help Australian tradie business owners reach theirs. Our trades business coaching program provides you with the support, guidance, and knowledge you need to grow your business and achieve your goals – whatever they might be.

Run by a team of highly trained and experienced mentors, our program is a hands-on approach to business mentorship. Not only will you receive personalised advice from our coaches, but we aim to keep you motivated and on-track using a wide range of valuable resources and strategies.

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Here’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg of What You Get…

First 30 Days – Extreme Value Offer

  • Live 30-day planning session
  • Access to the Tradiematepro financial, marketing and sales platform
  • Access to the New Recruit online guided exercises
  • Business tools and processes
  • Exclusive access to industry experts
  • Weekly support calls with our world-class coaches
  • Access to a like-minded community to network and share knowledge
  • Strategic plan at the end of your 30 days

One of our Many Success Stories

Darren Hiscock

Hiscocks Electrical

From struggling tradie, to business owner. Learn how Darren went from stressed, frustrated, and struggling to make ends meet to a business owner with a bright future ahead.

TradiesWorld, a Tradiematepro Partner

Tradiematepro is next level! Couldn’t recommend it highly enough for any Tradie that’s looking to take their business to the next level.
Alex Scott

Director, TradiesWorld

What You Get From our Tradie Business Coaching Program


World-Class 1-On-1 Coaching

Guidance from our world-class team of tradie coaches here to help you achieve peak performance.


Financial Tracking Platform

Access to our platform that makes tracking & managing your financial position easier than ever.


Advice from Industry Experts 

Exclusive access to one-on-one advice & guidance from Australia’s leading mentors & industry experts.


A Like-Minded Community

Network with a like-minded community of business owners around Australia in our private group.

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