As the name suggests, Advanced Training is where you and your business go next level and take significant steps forward.

This level is the final preparation phase prior to your transition from being self employed and working for your business, to being a true business owner where your business works for you.

This is about ensuring you and your business have strong foundations, on which to grow your success.

Complete each module at your own pace with a minimum of one month duration, with weekly one on one coaching support.

Upon successfully completing the Advanced level, you will have knowledge, structure, time, ability and financial capacity to become a business owner, focused on steering the ship and growing your business beyond its current limits.


  • Weekly one on one coaching 
  • Monthly Strategic intensive 
  • Access your expert ‘Virtual Board’
  • World class suite of business tools
  • Guided accelerator implementation program
  • Advanced activity level

Your Niche

In this module of Advanced Training, we move firstly to identify your niche.

Delivered as a team effort by Peter Cox, Edward Plant, Clinton Cowin, and Matt Jones.

This is the sweet spot of your most profitable, most enjoyable and most predictable work type and income stream.

Once you define your niche, your branding, marketing, advertising, sales, systemizing and operational efforts all become extremely efficient and highly effective.


Niche – Mastering your success

Introduction Video – Mastering your niche
1. Your Purpose – Peter Cox (Coxey)
2. Your Promise – Edward Plant
3. Predictions & Performance – Clinton Cowin
4. Personas – Matt Jones
5. Master of your Domain – Matt Jones

A job management technology review with Clinton Cowin and Tradiepad

Monthly Strategic Intensive

Personal Branding & Content Authority

Made famous by Channel 9’s The BLOCK, our dynamic duo Dan and Dani are here to provide you with the right support, guidance, and actions to be confident as the authority in your chosen niche and marketplace.

Before people buy from you or your business, they must first ‘KNOW you, LIKE you and TRUST you’ and having the confidence to put yourself out there is key.

Personal branding goes hand in hand with nurturing your potential market with valuable content and humanising yourself and your business.    


Personal Branding & Content

Introduction Video – The concept of Nurture and Value Content  
1. Mindset, Vulnerability and Humanisation
2. Content production, Tools and Tips
3. Setups, Channels and Scheduling
4. Topics and Audience Engagement
5. The ‘Ups and Downs’ 
Monthly Strategic Intensive – Content Review

Sales – ‘Sales or Fail

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Sales can also quickly become the undoing of business too.

This module is presented by Travis Reading CEO at Tradiematepro and our hugely successful US program partner Bill Allen.

Sales activities are certainly an investment of time, energy and money. Just like any investment you make, you need the highest possible return on your investment.

Master the sales method which best compliments your chosen niche, and implement your repeatable sales process to power up your business growth.


Sales, like a boss!

Introduction Video – Sales, Like a Boss
1. An Experience Vs. A Commodity 
2. Interested Vs. Interesting
3. Flat Rate Selling
4. 123 of Optimising Your Sales
5. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up
Process review with Travis Reading and the team at Nextpond
Monthly Strategic Intensive
Assessment – Your Advanced Level Debrief and Review