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Tradiematepro’s very own business system guides you on how to master all aspects of your business

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Grow your profits, build your team, and grow your leadership skills with our business system.

Get Started With Tradiematepro Today

Grow your profits, build your team, and grow your leadership skills with our business system.

A Proven System to Teach you Everything from Knowing Your Numbers Through to Scaling


Week 1 – Your Business Assets

We start with you at the very basic level… have you secured or optimally setup your business and its assets?

Even for the experienced business person, checking these critical areas may turn up some surprises. Making sure all your housekeeping in relation to this area is in order, can prevent major issues later in your growth journey.


Topics of focus

1. Your Business Structure
2. Understanding Business Names
3. Understanding Trademarks
4. Website Domains


Week 2 – Your Social Media Essentials

A good Social Media and online presence is essential for growing Tradie businesses. Yet many of us are resistant to change and new technology.

Perhaps we don’t understand the space, or we simply don’t have time to deal with it. This week we focus on establishing or reviewing the essentials, which are critical for later activities for your marketing, advertising and sales strategies.


Your Social Media Essentials

1. Google my Business
2. Facebook Business Page
3. Linkedin Personal Profile
4. Instagram Business Page

 Week 3 – Using Xero, your Account and Reports 

We understand that bookkeeping and understanding your financials is probably not your strength. However, as the business owner, if you don’t understand enough to oversee your financials, then this can get really messy really quickly. 

Our team will take you through this module to make sure you master the essentials and are ready to have a clear oversight on your financial targets and how you are tracking.


Handling Phone Calls

1. Using Xero & your Profit & Loss Report
2. Review of your Profit & Loss
3. Establishing your Income Streams

4. Setup your Chart of Accounts

Complimentary Bookkeeping setup and assessment  


Week 4 – Mastering Email, Calendars and Phones (biggest converters)

Emails and device calendars are now a non-negotiable part of operating a professional business.

As with anything, there are many points of difference between just being able to do something, and doing something amazingly. Email and calendar management is no different. Learn from the experts, what makes the difference for you.


Managing Emails & Device Calendars

1. Understanding your Call Activity 
2. Mastering Phones
3. Professional Email
4. Device Calendars, Bookings and Syncing
Assessment for pass into acceptance for Boot Camp

New Recruit. The First 30 Day Level

The New Recruit level is the first 30 day level of our tradie business coaching program designed to test the applicant and enable you to show us if they have what it takes!

It also checks to ensure some of the basic foundations are in place before we continue on an amazing growth journey together.

All participants in the New Recruit level must complete 100% of the activities successfully and activities are by no means complex or time-consuming.

It’s more the demonstration of discipline and willingness to getting activities completed that we are looking for.

  • Weekly one on one coaching 
  • Monthly Strategic intensive 
  • Access your expert ‘Virtual Board’
  • World class suite of business tools
  • Guided accelerator implementation program
  • Simple activity level


Self Employed vs. Business Owner – “Stoke or Steer

We focus on the key distinctions between being self employed and a true business owner, with exploration exercises and calculations to uncover the true potential of your business, in real numbers. 


Stoke or Steer (your business)

Introduction Video – The power of the “Stoke or Steer” metaphor
1. Understanding Opportunity Cost 
2. Your One Page Business Plan
3. Your new ‘Business Tool’ to build your Pitch 
4. The ‘Rocks’ of Time Management & Default Diary
5. How you Quote & Your Trading Terms

Financials – “The Count

We go deep on education and exercises relating to sales, profitability, hourly rates, quoting, cash flow and performance budgeting. Even for the novice in business financials, this month will change your business understanding and abilities forever.


The Count (mastering your business financials) 

Introduction Video – The Essential Financial Overview
1. Analysing your Profitability
2. ABC Analysis of your Income Streams
3. Build and Launch your first 12 Month Forecast
4. Planning your Immediate and Future Hiring 
5. Cashflow Assessment
Access to the Tradiematepro Sales Pipeline Manager



Marketing – “Market King“

Her we focus on marketing,  your niche, your ideal customers, how to attract them and how to measure your return on marketing investment. You are given the foundations of marketing education, specific to a trades business, to understand what really works.

Market King (Business Marketing Essentials)

Introduction Video – What a Market King looks like
1. The “Meat and 3 Veg” Strategy
2. Customer Personas & your Income Types
3. Your Customised Marketing Plan
4. Establishing Marketing ROI Tracking
You will now have a full personalised Marketing Plan


Bootcamp is the second level in the Tradie Business Coaching program.

It is completed at your own pace or in a minimum 3 months duration and is designed to be the awakening you need to snap into shape and understand what it takes to be successful in business.

We ensure you and your business get the full value of both the learnings and implementation requirements of the key distinctions between being self-employed and a true business owner.

We explore many critical elements of your business including your sales, profitability, hourly rates, quoting, cash flow, processes, budgeting, and performance.

  • Weekly one on one coaching 
  • Monthly Strategic intensive 
  • Access your expert ‘Virtual Board’
  • A world-class suite of business tools
  • Guided accelerator implementation program
  • Moderate activity level


Sales – ‘Sales or Fail

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Sales can also quickly become the undoing of business too.

This module is presented by Travis Reading Original Founder of Tradiematepro and our hugely successful US program mentor Bill Allen.

Sales activities are certainly an investment of time, energy and money. Just like any investment you make, you need the highest possible return on your investment.

Master the sales method which best compliments your chosen niche, and implement your repeatable sales process to power up your business growth.


Sales- Mastering your Income

Introduction Video – Mastering your income
1. Understanding Experience Vs. Commodity 
2. Interested Vs. Interesting
3. Optimising Your Sales Conversions
4. Sales Vs. Sales Management
5. Supercharging your Sales Pipeline
Opportunity to establish Job Management Software



Team – Your Team and Culture 

Business is a team sport. To grow your success and scale your business requires a team to get there together. And, although cliche, there is no doubt that “teamwork makes the dream work”, so it’s critical you get this right.

Just adding people and labour to the an unstructured and ill prepared business, will quickly crush you with the weight of endless support for your team members.

Recruit right, support right and empower your current and new team members (as you grow them) to be their best and operate the best business there can be.


Team and Culture

Introduction Video – Team and Culture
1. Purpose, Promise and Culture
2. Organisation Chart & Position Descriptions
3. Delegation, Outsourcing & Hiring
4. Your Recruitment Workflow
5. Your Team Policies
Access Tradiematepro’s HR Management Software and Policy Documents


System & Process – ‘Recipes to Repeat‘ 

Many people use the phrase “systems and processes” rather loosely.  It’s a rooky mistake.

Travis Reading takes you through this powerful module of implementation.

There is only one system… your business! Your business “system” then consists of many processes.

In a Tradie business, the vast majority of processes are, and will always remain human processes. Human processes are simply a “recipe” to show somebody how to complete a task optimally.

You will master creating and improving processes, and building your business system. This will greatly leverage your ability to scale and grow your business predictably.


Recipes to Repeat… for success

Introduction Video – Recipes for Success
1. The Simplified BPA Method
2. Ogranisational Mapping your Business 
3. Workflowing your Departments
4. Building your Key Processes
5. Understanding Automation
7. Continuous Advancement

Setup of your Workflow and Process Building Tools

Advanced Level

As the name suggests, the Advanced Level is where you and your business go next level and take significant steps forward.

This level is the final preparation phase prior to your transition from being self employed and working for your business, to being a true business owner where your business works for you.

This is about ensuring you and your business have strong foundations, on which to grow your success.

Complete each module at your own pace with a minimum of one month duration, with weekly one on one coaching support.

Upon successfully completing the Advanced level, you will have knowledge, structure, time, ability and financial capacity to become a business owner, focused on steering the ship and growing your business beyond its current limits.


  • Weekly one on one coaching 
  • Monthly Strategic intensive 
  • Access your expert ‘Virtual Board’
  • World class suite of business tools
  • Guided accelerator implementation program
  • Advanced activity level

The structure of Tradiematepro is absolute gold. We now have a clear and logical path on how to reach our goals.

Geoff Nicolson

Founder, Switch Electrical

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