Everything you need to know about word of mouth referrals!

We all know that personal connection drives purchase decisions so integrating this exciting strategy into your trades or services business – and knowing how to do it well – will give you just the kick you need to drive sales.

How to Grow Your Business with Remote Support, Even When You’re Not Tech Savvy

As tradies, we’re used to working hands on so the thought of spending a lot of time behind the computer or on our mobile can seem strange. As the world we live in evolves drastically and we’re now able to achieve so much more without barely lifting a finger, it means...
sales strategy

The Ultimate Sales Strategy Guide for Tradies

Introduction Every tradie dreams of closing big jobs and earning loyal customers, but achieving that kind of success is much easier said than done. It takes a clear set of plans, a level head, and a sharp, scientific eye to gauge the success of your efforts. Most of...

The Best Apps for Tradie’s and Guide to Automation

Introduction As with any enterprise, running a tradie business demands a lot from its owners and staff. There’s simply no end to the number of routine tasks that need doing in order to keep a business operational. Tradies have to manage accounting, capture and process...
Lead Generation

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing & Lead Generation for Tradies

Introduction Marketing can be a pain. It can feel like swinging blindly in the dark, hoping to luck out and stumble upon a system that works. Not marketing is even worse, and a one-way ticket to closing up shop for good. Tradies aren’t exempt from the age-old...

Time Management Tips, Techniques and Strategies for Tradies

Why is it important for tradies to have strong time management skills? Take a look at the following situation and see if it sounds familiar. You’re the head of a family, and also the proud owner of a tradie business. You’ve built a promising enterprise with the...

The Tradie’s Guide to Accounting and Cash Flow Management

Introduction Small business accounting has a steep learning curve. Unless you happen to have a background in accounting, you’re likely to spend hours upon hours studying the subject –and countless more hours trying to get the hang of its applications. Now, you could...

How You Feel About Yourself

An important message from the Tradiematepro CEO on mental health. If you are caught in a dip right now, please allow someone the opportunity of helping you.

Sales techniques for tradies

8 Underrated Tradie Sales Techniques

Along with the times, consumers’ purchasing decisions evolve constantly to suit new trends and technology. That being said, it’s important to seasonally reevaluate your sales strategy to ensure that you’re consistently closing deals month after month. As far as tradie...
Sales closing techniques for tradies

The Best Sales Closing Techniques for Tradies

Tradies like us all have preferred suppliers and vendors. We work with them, not only because they deliver superior products and services, but also because, whether we realize it or not, they got us sold on them. We trust what they sell because we trust them.

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