Success Story

Tamara and Matt Bellinger

“It’s freed mine and my husbands time up exponentially. Me and my husband clawed back 20 hours a week!

Life Before Tradiematepro

20 hour days, full of stress

Tamara and Matt were making great strides in their business. But it started to unravel, they had the staff, they had the materials, but they had no time. It got so hectic that they both had to go back on the tools.

They were doing the morning shift, the afternoon shift, and any other shift that needed to be done to survive.


Lacking the support, accountability, and community from like-minded trades

With Bellinger Electrical up in Townsville, Matt and Tamara found that there weren’t many like-minded tradies willing to mentor and share knowledge. They felt that it was very close-knit.

Life After Tradiematepro

Clawing back their time, and their life

Since joining, Tamara and Matt have been able to live a good family life outside of their business. They no longer work 20 hour days and have saved an extra 20 hours per week on top of that.

They have the freedom to choose what they do with their time. They now have the ability to take a day off if they choose to, they can go out to breakfast with their son and not worry about what’s meant to happen that day.


Working ON the business, not IN it

With the experts always available to give advice, Tamara and Matt can ask a question of the experts and implement it immediately into their business.


“Since joining Tradiematepro, it’s freed mine and my husbands time up exponentially. Me and my husband clawed back 20 hours a week. I can now focus ON running the business instead of being IN the business.”

Tamara Bellinger

Co-Owner, Bellinger Electrical


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