Success Story

Darren Hiscock
From struggling tradie to business owner
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Life Before Tradiematepro

Working hard but getting nowhere

Darren is no stranger to hard work, first working as an electrician in the mining industry and his own business. But he discovered hard work on it’s own is not a formula for success.

Working harder and harder but struggling to break even

Darren believed that the busier he was and the harder he worked the better the business would be. But as he discovered it hasn’t worked out that way. Struggling to break even, he needed something different, he needed a change.

Life After Tradiematepro

On the right track to success

With Tradiematepro Darren has now set up the foundation for his business moving forward. He’s now been put on the right track fast. He can now see a way forward that doesn’t involve dropping his prices, and instead providing a service that people are willing to pay top dollar for.

Transformed thinking

Darren can now see the advantage of delegating work and saving his energy for what a true business owner does well. Overseeing the big picture of his business, as opposed to being in the trenches on the tools.
“Travis and his team from Tradiematepro have helped me go from struggling tradie into a business owner. I’m now able to see much more clearly a way ahead for my business.”

Darren Hiscock

Founder, Hiscocks Electrical


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