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How to Grow Your Business with Remote Support, Even When You’re Not Tech Savvy

23rd March 2020
Strategies to increase sales

As tradies, we’re used to working hands on so the thought of spending a lot of time behind the computer or on our mobile can seem strange. As the world we live in evolves drastically and we’re now able to achieve so much more without barely lifting a finger, it means we can grow our business remotely without any hassle.

Of course we still need to grab our tools and get out onto sites, but when it comes to learning new tips and techniques that will help us to level up our business – a lot is possible with simply our computer and our mobile.

When we think about growing our business, usually we focus on sales strategy straight away (we shared this blog on sales strategy a little while ago). Your sales strategy is very important, but there are other things that contribute to growing your business and they’re arguably as equally as important.

Below are some of the key things you should be thinking about when it comes to growing your business and for each one we’ve included one of our resources you can access remotely.

Know your customer and master your customer service

Before we start trying to sell anything we have to truly know who we are willing and able to serve which means we need to know our customer. As a business owner it’s easy to focus on what we’re selling and offering. For example, I’m a refrigeration mechanic so I just need to get air conditioning installation jobs and need food businesses to contact me to fix their cool rooms. 

What’s more important than focusing on what you’re offering, is knowing your customer. Spend time (always!) learning about what your customer needs and wants, what’s important to them, where they spend their time, how they manage their time and how they manage their refrigeration mechanic needs.

When you understand your customer fully, then it’s easier to master your customer service because you have clarity around what will make them happy and then you can figure out how to exceed their expectations. In this blog we share how to close a deal as a tradie. 

Build your personal brand and use social media to build brand awareness

As a tradie it’s easy to forget about marketing you and your business but as a small business owner, marketing is very important for you. As small business owners, most of us build our business through referral networks which is great (and a sign you’ve mastered your customer service!) but it is also limiting, especially if your offering isn’t designed for frequency and repetition meaning that customers only really need you once.

In this blog we shared 6 things you can achieve on social media. Social media is a powerful tool that is extremely cost effective for you to use when it comes to building and growing your personal and business brand. Think about your own behaviours and consider how much time you spend on social media… there’s no denying that social media platforms are stealing the attention of our customers so it’s very important that we show up on social media every day to become top of mind. When we’re top of mind, we open ourselves up to business growth opportunities.

Understand and manage your numbers

Most of us start a business because we’re passionate about serving people in a particular way and we want to achieve financial freedom and flexibility doing it. So if we want to achieve financial success through our business, it’s important that we understand and manage our numbers. Before you freak out and think we’re suggesting you become an accountant or bookkeeper, what we mean by manage is ensure they’re ‘taken care of’. Your numbers can be managed by you, your partner or maybe a professional bookkeeper or accountant.

What’s most important is that your numbers are being managed and you understand them. When we get someone to manage our numbers it’s easy to ‘forget about them’. Even though the goal (and best strategic business decision) is to have someone else managing your numbers, ideally a professional specialist, you should still seek to understand them yourself. The person managing your numbers and keeping everything in cheque (pun intended) should be able to help you understand your numbers so that you can make the right strategic decisions for your business.

Discover the ‘Must Have’ bookkeeping tools for your business in this blog.

Talk to experts

Sometimes the idea of talking to an expert can seem overwhelming, especially when we’ve got a difficult challenge to deal with and it’s making us feel nervous or uncertain. The reason we tend to feel nervous and uncertain about challenges is because we don’t understand how to solve them, and that’s why experts exist. 

Experts dedicate their time to mastering particular business functions so that they can help us to build a successful business. This means that we need access to multiple experts so that we cover all areas of our business and get complete coverage when it comes to advice.

At Tradiematepro our team of experts provide remote support to our members through one-on-one and group coaching so they can grow their business. Our experts use tools like Zoom to deliver best in class support and advice to our members. Especially with everything that is going on at the moment with the Coronavirus Pandemic, having remote access to a dedicated team of experts to support you and the growth of your business is more important than ever. The best part? We don’t have to be tech savvy to access this remote expert support.

No matter who you are or where you are, the technology and tools (no pun intended) we have access to enable us to be able to grow our businesses with remote support, even if we’re not tech savvy. If you’re interested in discovering who our experts are and what they’ve got to offer, register for our Free Weekly Webinar now and tune in to what they’ve got to say.

Here’s a message from our Founder and CEO, Travis Reading, about the importance of getting access to the right information.

We’re here and we’re ready, reach out anytime.

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