Bootcamp is the second level in the Tradie Business Coaching program.

It is completed at your own pace or in a minimum 3 months duration and is designed to be the awakening you need to snap into shape and understand what it takes to be successful in business.

We ensure you and your business get the full value of both the learnings and implementation requirements of the key distinctions between being self-employed and a true business owner.

We explore many critical elements of your business including your sales, profitability, hourly rates, quoting, cash flow, processes, budgeting, and performance.

  • Weekly one on one coaching 
  • Monthly Strategic intensive 
  • Access your expert ‘Virtual Board’
  • A world-class suite of business tools
  • Guided accelerator implementation program
  • Moderate activity level

Self Employed vs. Business Owner – “Stoke or Steer

Delivered by Travis Reading, Nextpond and Edward & Rebecca Plant, Institute for Couples in Business.

We focus on the key distinctions between being self employed and a true business owner, with exploration exercises and calculations to uncover the true potential of your business, in real numbers. We also look at the principles behind systemisation and processes for your business.


Stoke or Steer (your business)

Introduction Video – The power of the “Stoke or Steer” metaphor
1. The Inefficiency Gap & The Truth About Profit 
2. Understanding Opportunity Costs
3. Business Systemisation & Your Key Processes
4. Self Employed Tradies Ready for Change

Complimentary personal consultation with Matthew Jones and CUBE

Financials – “The Count

Delivered by Matthew Jones, Cube Performance and Bill Petrovski, Hall Chadwick

We go deep on education and exercises relating to sales, profitability, hourly rates, quoting, cash flow and performance budgeting. Even for the novice in business financials, this month will change your business understanding and abilities forever.

The Count (mastering your business financials) 

Introduction Video – The Essential Financial Overview
1. Understanding Your Profit & Loss Report
2. The “ABC 123” Secret to Tradie Business Success
3. Commence creating your 12 month profit plan
4. Complete your 12 month profit plan
5. Lock in your 12 Month Profit Plan

Complimentary personal bookkeeping consult with Tradies World

Marketing – “Market King“

Delivered by Matt Jones, Tradie Web Guys and Peter Cox (Coxey), Leading for Growth

Her we focus on marketing,  your niche, your ideal customers, how to attract them and how to measure your return on marketing investment. You are given the foundations of marketing education, specific to a trades business, to understand what really works.

Market King (Business Marketing Essentials)

Introduction Video – What a Market King looks like
1. Marketing Essentials for a Tradie Business
2. The “Meat and 3 Veg” Strategy
3. Payback for the Punter (Marketing ROI)
4. Leadership for your Customers

Member rate website consult with Matt Jones and Tradie Web Guys

Assessment – Your Boot Camp Debrief & Review