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  • Increase your profits by 800% like Craig.
  • Claw back 20 hrs a week, like Tamara.
  • Learn how to implement business strategy, like Darren.
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“We were one of the first to join Tradiematepro and we absolutely love it, there is a great group of experts that are always quick to answer any questions you have. It’s transforming the way we’re running our business.”

Darren Hiscock

Director, Hiscock Electrical



“Since joining Tradiematepro, it’s freed mine and my husbands time up exponentially. Me and my husband clawed back 20 hours a week. I can now focus ON running the business instead of being IN the business.”

Tamara Bellinger

Co-Owner, Bellinger Electrical



“Big shout out to Tradiematepro and especially the experts – I have implemented the system they teach, and in three months I was able to grow my profit by 300%.”

Craig Robertson

Director, Bespoke Wooden Solutions



“I have found Tradiematepro to be vital to my business and learned more in 6 months of coaching than the last 2 years in business! The coaches readily share their knowledge and have provide me with insight into how to grow a business strategically without burning through needless cash.”

Kevin Balen

Director, Pica Electrical


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tradie business coach darwin
tradie business coach darwin
tradie business coach darwin
tradie business coach darwin

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Australia’s Premium Business Coaching for Tradies 

Life as a tradie is hard yakka. From managing cashflow and deciding on competitive (yet rewarding) pricing to developing a solid marketing plan, being a tradesperson truly means being a jack-of-all-trades.

Engaging the services of a tradesman business coach will help you take your business in the right direction by covering all these bases and more.

With expert guidance, tools and advice, Tradiematepro help tradies across the country take their business to the next level. It’s time to invest in yourself with a tradie coach in Darwin – here’s why.

Why You Should Choose a Tradie Business Coach in Darwin

The world is full of business coaches offering workshops, e-books and podcasts. While this is a good place to start for general knowledge, only a specialised tradie business coach will know the local business landscape, as well as the unique pressures tradies face.

So why wouldn’t you make the most of this expert insight? Whether your goal is to increase your profits by 800% or save 20 hours a week (both real results that we’ve generated for Aussie tradies, by the way!)

Tradiematepro is the team to look to for your tradesman business mentoring in Darwin.

What You Get With our Tradesman Business Mentoring in Darwin

Tradiematepro offer the leading tradesman business mentoring, allowing your business to achieve peak performance. With access to industry experts as well as inspirational success stories, you’ll improve your understanding of marketing, sales, leadership, communication, financials, strategy and technology.

We don’t believe in the one-man band approach, instead we use a network of seasoned professionals to deliver the best possible outcomes to Darwin tradies.

You also get exclusive access to these tools and resources

  • A financial tracking platform helping you avoid many of the financial pitfalls tradies are prone to. Getting a solid grasp on your cashflow, hiring apprentices effectively, setting the right rates and much more.
  • A like-minded community and access to your own tradesman business coach in Darwin will keep you accountable and motivated.
  • Our three levels of training (New Recruit, Bootcamp and Advanced Training) keep you progressing along your journey, unlike any other program.

The Experts Powering Tradiematepro


Matt Jones

Digital Marketing Expert


Peter Cox

Leadership Expert


Edward Plant

Strategy Expert


Rebecca Plant

Communication Expert


Dan Reilly

Personal Branding Expert


Dani Wales

Personal Branding Expert


Matthew Jones

Financial Expert


Clinton Cowin

Technology Expert

What our Clients are Saying

Geoff Nicholson

Switch Electrical

Craig Robertson

Bespoke Wooden Solutions

Matt and Tamara Bellinger

Bellinger’s Electrical

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