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Tradiematepro has brought together the best leaders in the trades industry to provide you with advice at a moments notice.

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Grow your business, increase your profit & make better decisions backed by advice from industry leaders.

Get Started With Tradiematepro Today

Grow your business, increase your profit & make better decisions backed by advice from industry leaders.

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With the Tradiematepro leaders by your side, there isn’t any business challenge too difficult

Exclusive access to ask anything of Australia’s finest industry experts

The Tradiematepro platform allows you to ask any business question you have to our six experts. Anything from where to get a logo designed, to what’s the best way to motivate your team.

The experts are highly specialised in all facets of a business. But they each excel at one important skill needed to run a highly successful business. Everything from marketing, sales, all the way through to leadership.

Meet Your Team of Industry Leaders

Matt Jones

Tradie Web Guys, Digital Marketing Expert

Matt Jones is the owner of Tradie Web Guys, a digital marketing agency specifically for tradies. He’s also the host of Australia’s leading podcast for tradies. He’s now on board with Tradiematepro as our Digital Marketing Expert.

In the program, he provides advice on how to increase the number of leads coming into your business

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Peter Cox

Leadership Dynamics, Leadership Expert

Peter Cox, or “Coxey” as he’s known, has always had a passion for building stronger leaders to live better lives. A person’s Leadership impacts every aspect of their life – not just professionally, but also personally, so he’s committed himself to lead others to grow their Leadership abilities so they can experience the level of choice and freedom they desire.

And that’s exactly what he brings to the Tradiematepro program.

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Ed and Rebecca Plant

Institute For Couples in Business, Strategy & Communication Experts

Ed and Rebecca (Bec) are one of the two power couples on Tradiematepro. Ed is the strategic expert, and Bec is the communications expert.

Ed built his strategy skills for 17 years as an Officer in the Australian Defence Force. Ed believes that leadership skills are essential for all business owners to successfully create a strong culture which motivates their A-team and a clear vision for them to strive towards.

Bec has represented two Australian states in the sport of netball and spent 15 years working in the Communications field. She believes in the power of personal responsibility as the basis for the authentic leadership needed to drive change and achieve a vision.

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Matthew Jones

The Cube, Financial Expert

For more than 12 years Matthew has provided dedicated strategic advisory support to business owners and coaches who want to intelligently build and grow a profitable business. That’s why he’s onboard the Tradiematepro program as the financial expert.

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Dan and Dani

Red Door Project, Personal Branding Experts

After being former contestants on channel Nine’s The Block, Dan is now known as “Foreman Dan”, leading battalions of tradies of The Block. And Dani is now the Co-Host of Healthy Homes Australia. Their extensive experience is why they’re the personal branding experts on the Tradiematepro program.

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Clinton Cowin

TradiePad, Technology Expert

He’s the resident nerd on the Tradiematepro program. Clinton Cowin transformed his plumbing business when the original iPad was released. He then founded TradiePad, a company that helps bring tradie business into the digital age.

He now brings his knowledge and experience into the Tradiematepro program.

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“Big shout out to Tradiematepro and especially the experts – I have implemented the system they teach, and in three months I was able to grow my profit by 800%.”

Craig Robertson

Director, Bespoke Wooden Solutions

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