The Leadership level takes you into a higher level of business thinking, preparing you for a more mature thought process around the journey your business will take in the coming years.

New skills and principles will enable you to see your future success with a lot more clarity and will empower you to execute on a vision far greater than you would have dared to dream in the early days of the program.  

At the completion of the Leadership level, you will be ready to prepare a new vision and 5 year objective for the growth journey of your business and be ready to re-engage a new cycle of growth for a much bigger game plan.


  • Weekly one on one coaching 
  • Monthly Strategic intensive 
  • Access your expert ‘Virtual Board’
  • World class suite of business tools
  • Guided accelerator implementation program
  • Professional activity level

System & Process – ‘Recipes to Repeat‘ 

Many people use the phrase “systems and processes” rather loosely.  It’s a rooky mistake.

Travis Reading, Rebecca Plant, and Clinton Cowin take you through this powerful module of implementation.

There is only one system… your business! Your business “system” then consists of many processes.

In a Tradie business, the vast majority of processes are, and will always remain human processes. Human processes are simply a “recipe” to show somebody how to complete a task optimally.

You will master creating and improving processes, and building your business system. This will greatly leverage your ability to scale and grow your business predictably.


Recipes to Repeat… for success

Introduction Video – Recipes for Success
1. Understanding True Quality
2. Workflows for your Business
3. Correct Organisational Structure
4. Critical Process Building
5. Ratings and Review
6. Never Ending Improvement

Personal consultation with Hall Chadwick for your business and financial strategy

Monthly One on One check-in

Key Principles

Business principles are often flaunted or used without an appreciation of their true meaning.

Travis Reading, Matthew Jones, and Peter Cox support you through this module of mind-altering business principles.

There are a hand full of key principles which successful business people use to their advantage, which if truly understood, will change your business and life forever.

Not only for their theory but how they can help your everyday activities and strategic thinking. These are critical elements to master, before transitioning to true business ownership.


Principles, for mature business thinking

Introduction Video – Principles for mature business thinking
1. Growth
2. Scalability
3. Leverage
4. Leadership
5. Responsibility
6. Integrity

Member rate access to Leadership learning from Peter Cox 

Monthly One on One check-in


The final module of the Advanced level focuses on something very important indeed… YOU!

Edward & Rebecca Plant together with Travis Reading take you through the final module to prepare you for your next level of performance coaching.

Your ability to communicate, lead, nurture family, maintain health, balance life and have the mental ability to see the journey through is critical.

The Mindset month gives you the fundamentals of maintaining integrity, strength, happiness, and gratitude to weather all challenges which may come your way.


Mindset is a must

Introduction Video – Mindset is a Must
1. Communication
2. Family
3. Work Life Integration
4. Health
5. Wealth

Edward & Rebecca Plant instil learnings from this important module

Monthly One on One check-in

Assessment – Your Leadership Debrief & Review