New Recruit

The New Recruit level is the first 30 day level of our tradie business coaching program designed to test the applicant and enable them to show us if they have what it takes!

It also checks to ensure some of the basic foundations are in place before we continue on an amazing growth journey together.

All participants in the New Recruit level must complete 100% of the activities successfully and activities are by no means complex or time consuming.

It’s more the demonstration of discipline and willingness to getting activities completed that we are looking for.

  • Weekly one on one coaching 
  • Monthly Strategic intensive 
  • Access your expert ‘Virtual Board’
  • World class suite of business tools
  • Guided accelerator implementation program
  • Simple activity level

Your Business Assets

Introduced by Matthew Jones, Cube Performance.

We start with you at the very basic level… have you secured or optimally setup your business and its assets?

Even for the experienced business person, checking these critical areas may turn up some surprises. Making sure all your housekeeping in relation to this area is in order, can prevent major issues later in your growth journey.


Topics of focus

1. Your Business Structure
2. Understanding Business Names
3. Understanding Trademarks
4. Website Domains

Your Social Media Essentials

Introduced by Matt Jones, The Site Shed.

A good Social Media and online presence is essential for growing Tradie businesses. Yet many of us are resistant to change and new technology.

Perhaps we don’t understand the space, or we simply don’t have time to deal with it. This week we focus on establishing or reviewing the essentials, which are critical for later activities for your marketing, advertising and sales strategies.


Your Social Media Essentials

1. Google my Business
2. Facebook Business Page
3. Linkedin Personal Profile
4. Instagram Business Page

Handling Phone Calls (like a Pro!)

Introduced by Edward Plant, Institute of Couples in Business.

The lifeline to a Tradie business, in terms of new work, is the phone. Yet so many of us don’t really want to talk with anyone and see the phone as a distraction.

Furthermore, handling phone calls, your voicemail greetings and leaving messages for others is handled poorly and yields poor results. Getting this seemingly small component of business right, means so much for growth journey ahead.


Handling Phone Calls

1. Handling Phone Calls
2. Setting your Voicemail Greeting
3. Returning Calls
4. Leaving a Voicemail Message


Managing Emails & Device Calendars

Introduced by Clinton Cowin, Tradiepad.

Emails and device calendars are now a non-negotiable part of operating a professional business.

As with anything, there are many points of difference between just being able to do something, and doing something amazingly. Email and calendar management is no different. Learn from the experts, what makes the difference for you.


Managing Emails & Device Calendars

1. Looking Professional (with business email & calendars)
2. Managing Emails
3. Using Device Calendars
4. Managing Your Time

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