#9 | Clinton Cowin – The Cloud Series – Part 3

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The Cloud Series
Part 3: Project Management

The Site Shed Episode 9
Tradiematepro Site Shed Podcast

Our resident digital marketing expert, Matt speaks with Clinton Cowin, our technology expert and the co-founder of TradiePad.

In this final episode of the “cloud series”, Clinton and Matt talk about ‘Project Management’. 

They discuss the difference between ‘Job Management’ and ‘Project Management’, whilst diving deeper into the types of companies that would best suit Project Management and how and why they would best transition into a cloud-based solution, over a traditional non-cloud based solution.

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Matt Jones

Tradiematepro Marketing Expert

Podcast homepage: The Site Shed
Podcast episode: TSS 9

Todays Guest

Clinton Cowin

What You’ll Learn

  • The difference between job management and project management.
  • What type of companies best suit project management.
  • How you transition from traditional software into a cloud-based solution.


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