#137 | Al Levi – Recruiting your A-Team

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Recruiting your A-Team

The Site Shed Episode 137
Tradiematepro Site Shed Podcast

“The ultimate blueprint to finding, training and retaining A-Level Staff”

In this podcast, our resident digital marketing expert Matt Jones interviews Al Levi from The Seven Power Contractor. Over the past 15 years, Al has traveled all over North American to help contractors implement his 7-Power system and regain power over their businesses so they can run them with less stress and more success. In this episode Al talks about the process that he uses to find the right team members for his organisations and the organisations that he coaches.

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Matt Jones

Tradiematepro Digital Marketing Expert

Podcast homepage: The Site Shed
Podcast episode: TSS 137

Todays Guest

Al Levi

What You’ll Learn

  • Al’s process around hiring A-level staff.
  • How to be proactive with your recruiting process.
  • How to start thinking like a marketer when recruiting.


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