#158 | Bill Petrovski – Structuring Your Financial Deals

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Structuring Your Financial Deals

The Site Shed Episode 158
Tradiematepro Site Shed Podcast

Bill Petrovski, Tradiematepro taxation and business advisory partner

Our resident marketing expert Matt Jones speaks to a very close friend of Tradiematepro,  Bill Petrovski from Hall Chadwick. Bill has developed a wealth of experience and proficiency in tax and business advisory.

In this podcast, he teaches the importance of structuring your financial deals correctly. From assets to cold hard cash in the bank.

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Matt Jones

Tradiematepro Digital Marketing Expert

Podcast homepage: The Site Shed
Podcast episode: TSS 158

Todays Guest

Bill Petrovski

What You’ll Learn

  • How to structure your finances.
  • Why it’s important to understand what you spend, when you spend it, and how you spend it.
  • How to structure your assets.


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